Boxing is often perceived as a brutish sport, little more than two hulking, thuggish men pounding each other in a contest of strength and force. An unwitting onlooker could easily be dismayed to hear such a seemingly mindless and violent sport described as the gentleman’s sport, or the sweet science as it is known. Just below its abrasive surface boxing is a complex discipline that marries the physical prowess of a fighter, his speed, agility, and endurance, with a highly cerebral strategy as well as some very deeply seated personal virtues, tenacity, courage, and a zen like quietness of mind. Failure must not be considered or countenanced. Anger must not be indulged. Thoughts and efforts must be focused entirely on success.

We are all alone in life, as we are alone in the ring, with only one acceptable option set before us… victory. Nobody is going to take us where we want to be, nobody will pick us up from the ground but ourselves and even though the whole world at times wants nothing more than to put us down and hold us their permanently we have nobody to blame but ourselves if we fail to pick ourselves up. Fights are won or lost after the point of physical failure. Where others quit is where a fighters training begins. In boxing as in life it is not always how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. A fighter in the ring must be a fighter in life because all the strength and training in the world will not bring a man to his feet when he’s been knocked down. Some people are inherently averse to adversity, and some have a hunger for it as a means to triumph. Such is the mindset of a fighter.

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